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Feel the Pulse

I found Jessica Leyland Acupuncture when I was at my lowest and desperate for something to help me begin to understand and manage my illness. After a difficult pregnancy, a run of bad health and then glandular fever I was left with extreme fatigue, headaches and a low grade fever which has been going on for months. It was impossible for me to live a normal life and nobody seemed to be able to give me any advice other than rest. I have found acupuncture so helpful in relieving my symptoms and strengthening my body. Jessica has been beyond amazing with her kindness, support and advice. She helped me to understand my illness and how to manage my fatigue, giving me space to chat through and come to terms with the physical, but also emotional side of a chronic illness. I feel more empowered to advocate what my body needs and am on a journey to recovery where I can see improvements in my health. I highly recommend Jessica and am so glad I found her.

Catherine Sandercott

I found Jess on Facebook just when I was in real need, suffering from increasing anxiety and digestive issues. This was my first experience of acupuncture and I cant believe how far I’ve come with Jess’s encouragement. Always welcoming and patient. Thoroughly recommend.

Dawn Stubbington

I have had 5 treatment sessions for chronic fatigue, IBS and weight loss and the results have been absolutely transformative. I am feeling so much better. Jessica is very patient, caring and non judgemental. She has given me great advice for my diet and stress relief as well as the acupuncture. I highly recommend her.

Rebecca Oxenham

I’ve never had acupuncture before and Jess was recommended to me. I wanted an ‘MOT’ for my body so I made contact. I’m so glad i did because so far its been a fantastic experience. I learn something about myself each week and Jess is very knowledgeable. She’ll always explain what she’s doing and when.
P. S. The needles are not painful at all!

Annie Audin


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